Lieux-Dits Editions

The texts of the two first productions of David Geselson, En Route Kaddish and Doreen are published by Lieux-Dits editions.


It is September 2007, in the living room of André Gorz and Doreen Keir’s house in Vosnon. It is evening. They have prepared a meal and some drinks and welcome us to their home.In an hour, they will commit suicide. In the meantime, they talk.

> Doreen

En Route-Kaddish

David decided to write and reinvent the story of his grandfather Yehouda, who died in 2009 in Jerusalem.
Having left his native Lithuania in 1934 to settle in Palestine, Yehouda lived through the various stages of the construction of the state of Israel, from the ideal of the kibbutz to the tragedy of the Nakba. Grandfather and grandson will tell their stories, in Jerusalem and Gorscht, in Paris and Tokyo: a man whose ideal has been shattered, and a young man who has inherited an unbearable history.

> En Route Kaddish