David Geselson


New production of Tiago Rodrigues’s play Le Choeur des amants with David Geselson and Alma Palacios at Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord

13 years after the play’s first production, Tiago Rodrigues invited Alma Palacios and David Geselson to embody these two characters he created. Rather than limiting himself to doing a new staging of the play, he chose to write about the passage of time and its effect on the lovers’ lives. What has happened to this love that defied death?

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Lettres non-écrites 


An evening of readings from Unwritten Letters by David Geselson at la Maison de la poésie, scène littéraire of Paris 

With Unwritten Letters, David Geselson reinvents the art of the public writer. For several years, this actor and director has made himself available to listen to people carrying a letter inside themselves, a letter they have never known how to write. Geselson writes that letter for them, and performs it that very evening on a theater stage. Unwritten Letters gather the most beautiful of these letters.
By putting his words at their service, David Geselson makes all these people’s voices spring up. And what we are given are numerous fragments of life, each with its own tone, but all displaying a deep humanity. Organized by theme (childhood, love, mourning), these letters remind us of the most basic elements of all our lives, and of our most essential emotions.

With Caroline Arrouas, Audrey Bonnet, Raphaèle Bouchard, Severine Chavrier, Sandra Choquet, Laurence Cordier, Charlotte Corman, Cécile Coustillac, Caroline Darchen, Emmanuelle Destremau, Noémie Develay-Ressiguier, Marie Dompnier, Laetitia Dosch, Valérie Dréville, Victoire Du Bois, Servane Ducorps, Emilie Gavois-Kahn, Adeline Guillot, Marina Keltchewsky, Sarah Le Picard, Laure Mathis,  Shady Nafar, Juliette Navis, Alma Palacios, Marie Rémond, Lamya Regragui Muzio, Laetitia Spigarelli, Anne-Laure Tondu, Ruth Vega Fernandez, Samuel Achache, Clément Bresson de la Comédie-Française, Xavier Brossard, Yannick Choirat, Loïc Corbery, Guillaume Durieux, Cédric Eeckhout, Alex Fondja, Vladislav Gallard, Arthur Igual, Loïc Le Roux, Léo-Antonin Lutinier, Mounir Margoum, Elios Noël, Denis Podalydès de la Comédie-Française, Sébastien Pouderoux de la Comédie-Française, Pascal Sangla, Alexandre Steiger, Thibault Vinçon

and Jérémie Arcache (cello), Martial Pauliat (panio), Elodie Bouédec (drawing on sand)

Co-presented with Le Grand R, Scène nationale de la Roche-sur-Yon.

Adaptation of Unwritten Letters

New production of Unwritten Letters by Millaray Lobos at Teatro La Memoria, Chile

A Spanish-language adaptation of Unwritten Letters will be produced in May 2021 at Teatro La Memoria, in Santiago de Chile, in partnership with the French Institute in Chile, by the actress and director Millaray Lobos.

Millaray Lobos will also stage the show EC[H]OS based on Joël Pommerat at the ThéâtredelaCité – CDN Toulouse Occitanie in November 2020.

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André Gorz

Vidy + reading and debate around André Gorz

Debate: André Gorz, thinking the future: from ecological philosophy to a story of love

A debate with David Geselson, Dominique Bourg, honorary professor at Unil, a philosopher of ecology and the executor of André Gorz’s will, and Enzo Lesourt, doctor in political philosophy, author of an intellectual biography of André Gorz: Portrait du philosophe en contrebandier, l’écologie politique comme reconquête du sujet.

Readings of selected texts from the works of André Gorz by Laure Mathis and David Geselson 

Excerpts from Le Traître (Seuil 1957), Métamorphose du travail (Galilée 1988), Ecologica (Galilée 2008), Le Fil rouge de l’écologie (EHESS, 2015), Penser l’avenir (La découverte, 2019), Eloge du suffisant (PUF 2019).



Conversation with the creative team for Silence and Fear in partnership with Harlem Stage

How did co-creating the show with an African-American team impact the development of the project, starting with the first meetings in New-York in summer 2018?

How did this encounter between our cultures modify our way of creating a show and understanding the political and social issues at stake in African-American history?

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Unwritten Letters 


CONTXTO : Translation of Unwritten Letters in Spanish

The text Unwritten Letters is laureate from CONTXTO of Artcena and translated in Spanish (Chili) by Millaray Lobos.

This translation is co-financed by ARTCENA and the French Institutes of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.

Video design

David Geselson

Chant de minuit, video design by David Geselson proposed by the Opéra de Nancy

Following an invitation from the Opéra de Lorraine-Nancy to make a short film during confinement based on a piece of opera music, we made a piece based on Nietzsche’s Midnight Song by Gustav Mahler.

This Song provided the opportunity to bring together women from the five continents, in a time when withdrawal and isolation has been the rule.

A way of saying that in this long dark night we have to get through, we need to reconnect, and work at looking ahead together, toward our respective horizons.

In doing so, perhaps we can succeed in ensuring that a new day rises, in hoping together and forcefully proving that it is the ties between us that will have the power to transform the disaster toward which we’re rushing, and not withdrawal.

The film was commissioned from David Geseslson by the Opéra National de Lorraine – Nancy as part of [CONTINUER…] – Espace de création visuelle.

A film by David Geselson

Directed by Isabel Abreu in Portugal, Dee Beasnael in the United States, Yaël Belicha in Spain, Sofia Hadi and Younes Kanbouj in Morocco, Dounia Idriss in Egypt, Kehua Li in China, Marina Keltchewsky and Laure Mathis in France, Eloïse Mignon in Australia and Jérémie Scheidler

With the help of Shady Nafar, Boutaina El Fekkak, Mehdi Brit, Marian Arbre, Yanan Hu, Eunice Menoji Beasnael