David Geselson

New production of Anton Tchekhov’s play La Cerisaie directed by Tiago Rodrigues

David Geselson plays under the direction of Tiago Rodrigues in La Cerisaie by Anton Tchekhov created on July 5, 2021 at Festival d’Avignon in la cour d’honneur of the Palais des Papes.

La Cerisaie is on tour for 2021-2022 season, including at Odéon – Théâtre de l’Europe.

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New production of Tiago Rodrigues’s play Choeur des amants with David Geselson and Alma Palacios at Scènes du Golf – Vannes, Morbihan

13 years after the play’s first production, Tiago Rodrigues invited Alma Palacios and David Geselson to embody these two characters he created. Rather than limiting himself to doing a new staging of the play, he chose to write about the passage of time and its effect on the lovers’ lives. What has happened to this love that defied death?

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Adaptation of Unwritten Letters

New production of Lettres non-écrites (Unwritten Letters) by Millaray Lobos at Teatro La Memoria – Santiago – Chile

A Spanish-language adaptation of Lettres non-écrites (Unwritten Letters) will be produced in May 2021 at Teatro La Memoria, in Santiago de Chile, in partnership with the French Institute in Chile, by the actress and director Millaray Lobos.

Millaray Lobos will also stage the show EC[H]OS based on Joël Pommerat at the ThéâtredelaCité – CDN Toulouse Occitanie in November 2020.

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Professionnal training History, Stories, Legacies

David Geselson will direct Chantiers Nomades at Théâtre de Lorient – CDN.

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Virtual meeting with the artists of Seuls en Scène, Princeton French Theater Festival

With (subject to availability) David Geselson, Tania de Montaigne, Dorothée Munyaneza, Tiago Rodrigues, Gisèle Vienne.



André Gorz

Vidy + reading and debate around André Gorz

Debate: André Gorz, thinking the future: from ecological philosophy to a story of love

A debate with David Geselson, Dominique Bourg, honorary professor at Unil, a philosopher of ecology and the executor of André Gorz’s will, and Enzo Lesourt, doctor in political philosophy, author of an intellectual biography of André Gorz: Portrait du philosophe en contrebandier, l’écologie politique comme reconquête du sujet.

Readings of selected texts from the works of André Gorz by Laure Mathis and David Geselson 

Excerpts from Le Traître (Seuil 1957), Métamorphose du travail (Galilée 1988), Ecologica (Galilée 2008), Le Fil rouge de l’écologie (EHESS, 2015), Penser l’avenir (La découverte, 2019), Eloge du suffisant (PUF 2019).



Conversation with the creative team for Silence and Fear in partnership with Harlem Stage

How did co-creating the show with an African-American team impact the development of the project, starting with the first meetings in New-York in summer 2018?

How did this encounter between our cultures modify our way of creating a show and understanding the political and social issues at stake in African-American history?

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Unwritten Letters 


CONTXTO : Translation of Lettres non-écrites (Unwritten Letters) in Spanish

The text Lettres non-écrites (Unwritten Letters) is laureate from CONTXTO of Artcena and translated in Spanish (Chili) by Millaray Lobos.

This translation is co-financed by ARTCENA and the French Institutes of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.